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This Group Involuntary Unemployment Insurance Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) is issued to the  Group Policyholder named on the Policy Schedule of Insurance and the Declarations of this PolicyWe are  issuing this Policy in consideration of a completed application and payment of premiums due.  

This Policy, together with the Application for Insurance, the Declarations, the Policy Schedule of Insurance, any  insurance coverage riders, and any endorsements make up the entire contract of insurance.  

We agree to pay benefits in accordance with all terms and conditions of this Policy.  

Premiums are payable to Us at Our Administrative Office. Premiums are due as provided by the provisions of  this Policy.  

Coverages offered to Covered Persons in the group include Involuntary Unemployment Insurance and may  include coverage rider(s) for Total Disability Insurance and Accidental Death Insurance. Benefit amounts, limits,  and other coverage details shall be described on the Certificate Schedule of Insurance provided to the Covered  Person.  


EFFECTIVE DATE. This Policy and the insurance provided by it shall become effective at 12:01 a.m. local  standard time at the Group Policyholder’s address on the Effective Date shown in the Policy Schedule of  Insurance and the Declarations of this Policy.  

RIGHT TO RENEW. This Policy is renewable at Our option, subject to the terms and conditions in the  Termination of Insurance provision. If We elect not to renew the PolicyWe will provide advance written notice  of nonrenewal to You, at the last mailing address known to Us at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date  of nonrenewal. The notice will state the reason(s) for nonrenewal; proof of mailing will be sufficient proof of  notice.  

A Certificate of Insurance is renewable at Our option, subject to the terms and conditions in the Termination of  Insurance and Premiums section of this Policy and the Certificate of Insurance. If We elect not to renew a  Certificate of Insurance, We will provide advance written notice of nonrenewal to the Covered Person at the  last mailing address known to Us at least thirty (30*) days prior to the effective date of nonrenewal. The notice  will state the reason(s) for nonrenewal; proof of mailing will be sufficient proof of notice.  





When used in this Policy, the following words and phrases have the meaning given.  

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE means Customer Care Center

BENEFIT PERIOD means the period of consecutive days of Loss for which a benefit is payable.  

The Benefit Period will begin on the first day of the Loss after the Waiting Period has been satisfied and will  end on the first of the following:  

(1) the date the Covered Person is no longer incurring the Loss; or  

(2) when the Maximum Benefit Period shown in the Certificate Schedule of Insurance and in the  Declarations of this Policy has been reached.  

The same continuous Loss is eligible for only one (1) Benefit Period.  

COVERED PERSON means the Covered Person named in the Certificate Schedule of Insurance.  

EFFECTIVE DATE means the date coverage becomes effective as shown in the Policy Schedule of Insurance  and the Declarations of this Policy.  

EMPLOYMENT means working in a non-seasonal, full-time (at least thirty (30) hours per week) occupation for  salary or wages during the ninety (90) day period immediately preceding the date of Loss.  

GROUP POLICYHOLDER means the legal entity named on the Policy Schedule of Insurance and the  Declarations of this Policy and for whom this Policy has been issued.  

INVOLUNTARY UNEMPLOYMENT means the total and continuous Loss of a Covered Person’s non seasonal, full-time Employment resulting from one or more of the following:  

(1) an individual layoff not due to willful or criminal misconduct: means an ending of employment at the will  of the employer;  

(2) a mass layoff: means an ending of employment at the will of the employer;  

(3) a general strike: means a strike against all the employers in an industry or a territory; a simultaneous  cessation or quitting of work by a body of workers acting in combination for the purpose of obtaining for  themselves more desirable terms of employment;  

(4) a unionized labor dispute: means a trade or labor union, through the coalition of its members, has  authorized a strike to obtain higher wages, shorter hours of employment, better working conditions, or  some other concession from the employer by the employees stopping work at a predetermined time, and it involves a combination of persons and not a single individual;  

(5) a lockout: means an employer’s discharge of his employees, because of a labor dispute or because of  his dislike of his employees’ activities as a union; the temporary closing of the place of employment by  the employer without formally discharging the employees, the object being to discourage union activities  or to gain acceptance of his views or compromise, which is more favorable to him than the demands  made by his employees; or 

(6) an involuntary termination of Employment not due to willful or criminal misconduct: means a  transgression of some established and definite rule of action, a forbidden act, a dereliction of duty, willful  in character, improper, or wrong behavior but not negligence or carelessness and unlawful behavior as  determined by local, state, or federal law.  

LOSS means an event of Involuntary Unemployment. For additional insurance coverage riders, loss is  defined as provided by those riders.  

MAXIMUM BENEFIT AMOUNT means the benefit amount shown in the Covered Person’s Certificate  Schedule of Insurance and in the Declarations of this Policy. In the event of a Loss, the Maximum Benefit  Amount is payable to the Covered Person. Benefit payments are subject to all terms and conditions of this  Policy.  

RE-ELIGIBILITY PERIOD means a specified time period as shown in the Declarations of this Policy and in the  Certificate Schedule of Insurance following the end of a Benefit Period.  

If a claim for Involuntary Unemployment occurs within this specified Re-Eligibility Period during which the  Covered Person has returned to active full-time employment, the benefit is subject to the remaining benefits of  the previous period of unemployment and will be considered a continuation of the previous claim. A new  Waiting Period will not apply.  

If a claim for Involuntary Unemployment occurs after the specified Re-Eligibility Period during which the  Covered Person has returned to active full-time employment, the Loss will be considered a new claim and a  new Waiting Period will apply.  

SEASONAL EMPLOYMENT means Employment that can only be carried on during certain seasons or during  definite times of the year and where the customary period of Employment is less than 1,000 hours during a  consecutive twelve (12) month period.  

VESTING PERIOD, if any, means a period of consecutive time following the Effective Date of coverage shown  in the Covered Person’s Certificate Schedule of Insurance and in the Declarations of this Policy during which  the Covered Person is ineligible to file a claim or to receive benefits even if a Loss occurs. The Vesting Period for each coverage is shown in the Declarations of this Policy and the Certificate Schedule of Insurance.  

WAITING PERIOD means a period of consecutive time after a date of Loss during which no benefit is payable.  The Waiting Period will not begin until the Vesting Period has been satisfied. The Waiting Period for each  coverage is shown in the Declarations of this Policy and in the Certificate Schedule of Insurance.  

WE, US, and OUR means the insurer, and Quil Ventures, Inc

YOU, YOUR, and YOURS means the Group Policyholder.  


Individuals age 18 through 60 who are part of the Group Policyholder’s group are eligible to apply for  coverage.  

Covered Persons may qualify for benefits under only one (1) Involuntary Unemployment Certificate of  Insurance with Us. If any Covered Person is insured under more than one (1) Certificate of Insurance, We will  consider that Covered Person to be insured under the Certificate of Insurance providing the greatest amount of  coverage. Upon discovery of the duplication, We will cancel the appropriate Certificate of Insurance and will  refund any premiums paid for the coverage it provided.  

Self-employed individuals and independent contractors may be eligible for Involuntary Unemployment Insurance coverage provided they meet all other eligibility requirements including qualifying for and receiving  state unemployment benefits. 

You must be a Quil member for a minimum of 90 days prior to activating Quil Layoff Protection. Your Quil membership begins on Your Effective Date (the day we successfully receive a membership payment from you via Stripe, our payment processor).

You must have paid all fees for Your Quil Membership, in full, up to the current month You request a qualifying Activation for Quil Layoff Protection.  

You were employed an average of at least twenty (30) hours or more per week for 90 consecutive days at an employer immediately before the time of Your Activation.

You are not employed in a seasonal or temporary position.

You must be Involuntarily Unemployed (see definition of What things exclude me from Quil Layoff Protection).

You become Involuntarily Unemployed and either You are approved to receive unemployment benefits from your State unemployment agency for the period of unemployment for which You are activating Quil Layoff Protectionor You provided additional information to Quil to support Your Involuntary Unemployment status. Quil reserves the right to request any additional information it needs to adequately verify Your eligibility for Layoff Protection. 

How do I prove I’m Involuntarily Unemployed?

First, You need to let Us know You are Involuntarily Unemployed by activating Your Quil Layoff Protection through the Quil app (an “Activation”) within 30* calendar days of the unemployment event.  

Once You Activate Your Quil Layoff Protection, We will need to verify that You are Involuntarily Unemployed and that You qualify.  

To help us expeditiously verify Your Involuntary Unemployment status, you may be required to submit documentation including, but not limited to, proof from Your employer of Your previous employment status and number of weekly hours worked for 90 days prior to your Activation as well as proof of W-2 employment. The payout depends on your weekly average hours worked.

We may contact Your former employer directly to verify the information provided.  We may also need documentation from Your state unemployment agency that You have met the qualifications to receive state unemployment benefits and are actively seeking employment.  Altered documents will not be accepted and will result in termination of your account. You will be required to upload the required documentation through the Quil app, other secure web portals or via email.  We will determine if You meet the eligibility requirements by reviewing the information submitted and making a decision based on information and documents provided. We reserve the right to contact your former employer to verify Your employment status. We will let You know the statuses and outcome of Your Activation through notifications in your Quil app or by digital means throughout the duration of Your Activation.

You will be required to provide proof of ongoing Involuntary Unemployment within 7 calendar days of the start of each 30-day period (days 30 and 60) to access Your appropriate amount of coverage for the following month, up to 3 months in a 12-month period. You will be required to provide documentation from Your state unemployment agency as proof of ongoing Involuntary Unemployment if You are still unemployed for the second and third months. 

If we do not receive proof of unemployment within the time period stated from your state unemployment agency, this may result in termination of Your Layoff Protection benefits and/or Your Quil account at our sole discretion

We start the review process quickly, but a delay in receipt of documents from Your employer can impact the timeline. Your Layoff Protection benefits will ACH transfer via information given in the app.

Our mission is to approve as many Activations as possible when sufficient documentation is provided. Quil reserves the right to decline any Layoff Protection Activation if the provided proof is deemed insufficient, altered, or inaccurate.


Benefits are subject to all terms and conditions described in this Policy:  

INVOLUNTARY UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT. Upon Our receipt of satisfactory written proof of Loss from a  Covered Person, and after any Vesting Period and Waiting Period has been satisfied, We will pay benefits  according to the terms and conditions of this Policy, the Certificate of Insurance, and the coverage selected. If,  after satisfaction of the Waiting Period, the period of Involuntary Unemployment is less than a full month, We 

will pay 1/30th of the monthly benefit for each day of that period.  

The Covered Person:  

(1) is required to provide Us written proof of Loss of his/her continuing Involuntary Unemployment on a  monthly basis or at any time upon Our request.  

(2) must register with his/her state unemployment office for unemployment benefits, must be receiving  those benefits, and must continue to actively seek Employment through his/her state employment  office or a recognized employment agency beginning no later than thirty (30) days after loss of  Employment.  

(3) must remain actively registered with his/her state unemployment office to remain eligible for benefits  under this Policy and the Certificate of Insurance.  

Benefit payments will cease when the Covered Person is no longer involuntarily unemployed or when benefits  reach the maximum limits shown in the Certificate Schedule of Insurance and the Declarations of this Policy,  whichever occurs first.  

Following the expiration of a claim for Involuntary Unemployment benefits and after the Covered Person has  maintained employment for ninety (90) consecutive days in a non-seasonal, full-time (at least thirty (30) hours  per week) occupation for salary or wages during the Re-Eligibility Period, the Covered Person may file a new  claim for benefits.  

Any change to the Covered Person’s Employment status including, but not limited to, retirement, will result in  ineligibility for Involuntary Unemployment coverage under this Policy. If the Covered Person becomes  ineligible as a result of a change in Employment status, the Covered Person should contact Us at Our  Administrative Office.  


No benefit shall be paid if the Covered Person is currently receiving benefits for any other Loss under this  Policy or the Certificate of Insurance, or if the Loss was caused by, resulting from, or contributed to by:  

(1) voluntary forfeiture of Employment salary, wages, or other Employment income;  (2) resignation of Employment;  

(3) retirement from Employment;  

(4) termination of Employment due to willful or criminal misconduct;  

(5) scheduled termination of Employment contract;  This includes: ride sharing, food delivery, or any other delivery apps which are considered a 1099 employee and not a W-2 employee.  

(6) termination of Seasonal Employment;  

(7) a reduction in the number of hours worked not resulting in a total elimination of Employment income;  

(8) having received notice, either orally or in writing, of pending unemployment within ninety (90) days prior  to enrollment date;  

(9) the failure of self-employed individuals and independent contractors to meet all eligibility requirements  including qualifying for and receiving state unemployment benefits; or  

(10) a Loss of Employment commencing before satisfaction of the Vesting Period.

  (11)A self-employed individual, meaning a person working for income that comes directly from his or her own business, trade, profession, or a partnership (a company or entity in which You have at least ten percent (10%) or greater equity or ownership interest will be regarded as Your own business).

(12) Occurs during the first ninety (90) days of Your Quil Membership;
(13) Occurs before Your Quil Membership began;

(14) Occurs before You have worked at least ninety (90) days and for at least twenty (30) hours per week during those ninety days in the job, which you listed on your application, and for which You are now Involuntarily Unemployed; 
(15) Is due to disability caused by accident, sickness, disease, pregnancy, or childbirth;


This Policy may be terminated by You and a Certificate of Insurance may be terminated by a Covered Person by providing Us advance written notice of termination. We may terminate this Policy or a Certificate of  Insurance in the case of nonpayment of premium or discovery of fraud or material misrepresentation by You or  the Covered PersonWe do not have the right to refuse a premium paid on or before the date due or within the 

Grace Period. Coverage will terminate if the premium is not paid by the end of the Grace Period.  

Coverage under this Policy and/or a Certificate of Insurance automatically ends on the premium due date  immediately following:  

(1) the date this Policy is terminated by You;  

(2) the date the Certificate of Insurance is terminated by the Covered Person;  

(3) the date You or the Covered Person fails to pay the required premium by the date due, except as  provided for in the Grace Period;  

(4) the date the Covered Person ceases to participate in the Group Policyholder’s plan of insurance;  (5) the Covered Person’s attainment of age 65; or  

(6) the date of the Covered Person’s death.  

We may terminate the Policy or the Certificate of Insurance. We will provide advance written notice of  termination to You and/or to the Covered Person at least thirty (30*) calendar days prior to the date coverage will end.  Notice will state the reason(s) for the proposed action and the effective date of termination; coverage will end on  that date. Proof of mailing (electronic or physical) will be sufficient proof of notice.  

Upon termination of coverage, premiums paid monthly have been fully earned and are non-refundable;  coverage will continue until the next monthly premium due date. Termination of this Policy and/or a Certificate  of Insurance will not prejudice any claim originating prior to its termination subject to all other terms and  conditions contained herein.


PAYMENT OF PREMIUM. All premiums shall be paid to Us at Our Administrative Office on or prior to the due  date as stated in the Declarations of this Policy and the Certificate Schedule of Insurance. The Covered  Person is required to pay the premium shown in the Certificate Schedule of Insurance to keep coverage in  force.  

PREMIUM CHANGES. We have the right to change the premium rates under this Policy by providing the  Group Policyholder and the Covered Person at least thirty (30) days’ advance written notice. Premium rates  may also change at any time the Group Policyholder makes a coverage change request, which We agree to  accept.  

GRACE PERIOD. If premium is not paid by the due date, the insurance shall be in default. After the first  premium has been paid, We will allow a thirty (30) day Grace Period for future payments as allowed by the  insurance laws in the state where coverage is issued. Coverage under this Policy and/or Certificate of  Insurance will terminate if the premium is not paid by the end of the Grace Period.  


TO REPORT A CLAIM AND TO OBTAIN A CLAIM FORM. Contact Quil at support@getquil.com. If these forms are not delivered to the Covered Person within ten (10) days, the Covered  Person may meet the Proof of Loss requirements by providing Us a written statement of the nature and extent  of the Loss as stated in the Proof of Loss provision.  

NOTICE OF CLAIM. Written Notice of Claim must be provided to Us within thirty (30) days after the date of  Loss or as soon thereafter as is reasonably possible. Failure to give such notice within the time frame specified  will not invalidate or reduce the claim unless this failure operates to prejudice Our rights. The Notice of Claim  should include the Covered Person’s name, the Certificate Number, the Group Policyholder’s name, the  Effective Date of coverage and should be mailed to Our Administrative Office.  

All proof of Loss forms must be completed by the Covered Person and such other persons or officials as may  be required. A claim will be activated when all proof of Loss forms have been properly completed by all required  parties and are received by Our Administrative Office

PROOF OF LOSS. In the case of involuntary termination or layoff, satisfactory written evidence that the  Covered Person is receiving state unemployment benefits and has registered for work with his/her state  employment office or a recognized employment agency within thirty (30) days after Loss of Employment is  required. Furthermore, written evidence that the Covered Person remains registered and is actively seeking  new Employment while benefits are being paid is also required.  

In the case of a strike or lockout, satisfactory written evidence of Involuntary Unemployment, which may  include a statement signed by a union officer, is required.  

The Covered Person must provide satisfactory written evidence of continuing Involuntary Unemployment on  a monthly basis or any time upon Our request.  

We may require the Covered Person to provide additional documents in order to satisfy proof of Loss to  determine Our liability. Additional documents must be provided no later than one (1) year from the date of Loss.  

PAYMENT OF CLAIMS. Upon Our receipt of satisfactory written proof of Loss and determination of Our liability, benefits payable under the terms and conditions of this Policy and/or a Certificate of Insurance will be  paid within thirty (30) days.  

All benefits are paid directly to the Covered Person.  

If the Covered Person is deceased, benefits will be payable to his/her named beneficiary or to his/her estate if  no beneficiary is named.  


CONFORMITY TO LAW. Any provision of this Policy, which, on its Effective Date, is in conflict with the  insurance laws of the state in which You reside shall be amended to conform to the laws of that state.  

ENTIRE CONTRACT. This Policy, together with the Application for Insurance, the Declarations, the Policy  Schedule of Insurance, any insurance coverage riders, and any endorsements make up the entire contract of  insurance. This Policy may be revised only by written agreement between the Group Policyholder and Us.  

Only Our authorized officer(s) have authority to waive or otherwise revise any provision of this Policy or Our rights hereunder. Any action, statement, or agreement made in writing by any person(s) other than Our authorized officer(s), shall in no way bind or estop Us from enforcing the provisions of this Policy or Our rights  hereunder. A written agreement which modifies, extends, or is in conflict with this Policy shall be invalid unless  such written agreement is signed by Our authorized officer(s) and is made part of this Policy. An agent or  broker cannot change or waive Policy provisions.  

CERTIFICATES. We will provide a Certificate of Insurance to each Covered Person. The Certificate of  Insurance will describe the coverage provided, to whom benefits are paid, and all terms and conditions of this  Policy, which apply to the Covered Person.  

Any conflict between the terms and conditions provided in the Certificate of Insurance and this Policy shall be  decided in favor of this Policy.  

If, within thirty (30*) days after the Effective Date of the Certificate of Insurance, the Covered Person wishes to  terminate coverage, he/she may contact Quil at support@getquil.com. If terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions stated herein, the Certificate of Insurance will be void  retroactively to the Effective Date and any premium paid will be refunded.  

MISSTATEMENT OF AGE. If as a result of misstatement of age by a Covered Person, We issue a Certificate  of Insurance and accept premium for coverage, which would not have been in effect if based upon factual  information, Our liability shall be limited to the return of premiums paid for the period coverage was in force.

MATERIAL MISREPRESENTATION, FRAUD, OUR RIGHT TO RESCIND. If You or a Covered Person have  concealed or misrepresented any material fact in the application for insurance or in the submission of any claim,  or have attempted fraud or false swearing, and coverage was issued or benefits were paid in reliance upon  those statements, We may deny the claim and, if applicable, rescind coverage. Our liability will be limited to the  return of premiums paid, less any benefits paid.  

NON-PARTICIPATING. This Policy is a non-participating Policy and will not share in Our surplus.  

RECORDS. Sufficient records must be maintained by the Group Policyholder including the names of all  Covered Persons, the Effective Dates of coverage, and any such other information required to administer this  Policy.  

RIGHT TO TERMINATE. You or We may terminate this Policy by providing written notice to the other party  thirty (30*) days prior to the desired date of termination. Upon receipt of Our notice, You must notify all Covered  Persons of such termination by providing written notice. All notices shall state the reason(s) for the proposed  action and the effective date of termination; coverage will end on that date. Proof of mailing will be sufficient  proof of notice.  

RIGHT OF RECOVERY. If payments for claims exceed the maximum amount payable under the terms and  conditions of the Involuntary Unemployment Insurance coverage or the insurance coverage rider(s) under this  PolicyWe have the right to recover the excess of such payments.  

LEGAL ACTIONS. No action can be brought to recover under this Policy and/or a Certificate of Insurance until  at least sixty (60) days after We have received satisfactory written proof of Loss. No such action shall be  brought more than ten (10) years after the date We receive satisfactory proof of Loss.  

INCOME TAXATION. Benefits paid do not include provisions for any income tax that may be owed by the  Covered Person or the Covered Person’s estate. The Covered Person should consult a tax advisor regarding  any tax consequences of benefits received under this Policy or a Certificate of Insurance.  

Account Closures

Your account will be closed and You will be removed from Quil Layoff Protection coverage if you provide a written request to Us via email at support@getquil.com or on the Quil App. We reserve the right to close your account and remove You from Quil Layoff Protection coverage if you submit altered documents or miss a payment and do not cure the missed payment within 7 business days. If you cancel after the monthly payment was made, a refund will not be issued. You will be covered foƒr the remainder of that month. Quil reserves the right to close accounts at our sole discretion with written (electronic or physical) notice to You. 

Changing these Terms and Conditions.   

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and we will provide you notice of any such changes as required. Your continued payment of the Quil Membership will constitute Your acceptance of the change in terms. 

*Terms are for 30 calendar days, unless the calendar month is less than 30 days. In which case, terms will be applied to the calendar month.